Band Lockers Assigned

On Saturday, the 26th of August, the Wilson Band Hall will be open from 10 am – 3 pm to allow all band students to put their instruments and band supplies in their band lockers prior to the first day of school. We hope this will lighten the load that our Wildcat Band students will have on day one of school. After all…a trombone case is almost impossible to accessorize with new school clothes!

Beginner parents: If your instrument was delivered to the band hall, you and your child are welcome to come to the band hall and put your child’s instrument and supplies in their band locker

School owned instruments have been assigned and will be available to be put in lockers. Students may still come and pick their locker and place their band supplies in said locker. This is also a great time to bring back your summer instruments!

There will not be any access to any other part of the school! Please park in the back parking lot and enter through door #18.