Summer Music Camps



We would like to encourage you to consider enrolling your child in a BAND CAMP this summer. Students have several choices of one or two week camps sponsored by major Texas universities. The cost of these camps can vary. The day camps start around $150 and the overnight camps start around $400. The overnight camp costs include overnight housing in the university dormitory, three meals per day in the university cafeteria, and quality instrumental instruction from superior music staff personnel.

Band camps are extremely beneficial for all performance levels. Without the structure of the daily band class, it is difficult to motivate students to practice over the summer months. Band camps have proven an effective way to help students continue their interest and progress. The students will have a full day of musical development and training with specialists and master teachers. Most band camps are structured with full band rehearsals, instrumental sectionals and elective classes. Social activities are planned for the evening hours and many students will make lifetime friends.

All camps are well staffed with quality instructors and the students are well supervised during all activities. Students who plan to stay overnight may select a roommate of their choice. Please consider this great opportunity for your young musician!

Many camps are limited in space, so send your deposit to the university as soon as possible. Detailed information from the university band camp office will follow upon receiving your deposit.

The dates, cost, phone numbers and web sites of most of the Texas band camps are listed below.

Texas Christian University  (817) 257-7341

June 17 – 18

Commuter – $175

Sam Houston State University  (936) 294-1360

June 5-9, 5 days/4 nights

Over-night camper – $425

Commuter – $290

University of Texas at Arlington  (817) 272-3471

June 12-16, 5 days/4 nights  

Over-night camper – $410

Commuter – $250

Stephen F Austin State University

June 19-24, 6 days/5 nights

Over-night camper – $435

Commuter – $175

Texas State University  (512) 245-2651

Information Coming Soon


Baylor University  (254) 710-4211

June 19-25, 7 days/6 nights

Over-night camper – $515

Commuter – $355


University of Texas at Austin  (512) 471-7764

No camp for 2022

University of Houston  (713) 743-3175

Information Coming Soon


Texas Tech University (806) 742-2270
July 3–9, 7 days/6 nights

Over-night camper – $650

Commuter – $275


West Texas A&M (806) 651-0000

Information Coming Soon


North Texas Middle School Percussion Camp (940) 498-0511!camp/ca4p

June 14-16, 3 days (Day camp only)

Commuter – $150 (w/meals)

Commuter – $140 (wo/meals)